Zkteco FaceKiosk-V43 attendance management With Finger Print


Zkteco FaceKiosk-V43 attendance management Description:


Brand: Zkteco
Model: FaceKiosk-V43

154,616 EGP



Zkteco FaceKiosk-V43 attendance management:

Brand: Zkteco
Model: FaceKiosk-V43
Record Capacity: 100000
Communication: TCP/IP,USB-host, GPRS
Shape: 1787mm*603mm*30mm
Pedestal: 610mm*450mm
FaceKiosk-V43 can be used for time and attendance, access
control, meeting assisting, self-service Kiosk and other solutions
by customization. It can also switch into an advertisement
display panel with biometric analysis on age, gender even
behavior, user may simply upload advertising photos and
videos from USB drives.


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