Rapidly, surprisingly, and calls for reflection, the importance and necessity of using surveillance cameras has evolved in the modern era.

After that the use of surveillance cameras was limited to major factories and large companies, but not to others, the necessity of using surveillance cameras has developed into a basic and urgent security necessity for all commercial establishments of all kinds and sizes from street stalls to even the largest companies in the world.

And confirming the importance of this, it has been imposed compulsorily on all owners of commercial activities as a security imperative for the safety of all.

The use of surveillance cameras was not limited to commercial establishments only, but its use extended to homes and villas, whether it was for the purpose of external surveillance to protect against theft or internal control to protect children and check on them during working hours by their parents.

And on the foregoing, surveillance cameras became a necessity of life in the modern era to protect individuals and facilities, spread security and implement the system at any time and everywhere.

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