Proface-X (TD) Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control

  • Proface-X (TD) Fingerprint Time Attendance Description:

  • ProFace X [TD] is a fully upgraded version of the ProFace product line, which is designed to deal with all kinds of scenarios. Powered by the ZKTeco-customized CPU for running the intellectualized engineering facial recognition algorithm and the latest computer vision technology, ProFace X [TD] supports both facial and palm verification with large capacity and rapid recognition speed, boosting the security performance in all aspects.
  • ProFace X [TD] also helps eliminate hygiene concerns; not only because of the contactless recognition technology it is equipped with, but also because of the new functions namely body temperature detection and masked individual identification.
  • The facial recognition capability has reached a new height in the biometrics technology industry with a maximum of 50,000 facial templates, recognition speed of less than 0.3 sec per face, and ultimate anti-spoofing ability against almost all types of fake photos and videos attack.
  • In addition, the 3-in-1 palm recognition (Palm Shape, Palm Print and Palm Vein) is performed in 0.35 sec per hand; the palm data acquired will be compared with a maximum of 5,000 palm templates.
  • As mentioned above, ProFace X [TD] can assist in reducing the risk of infection and germs spreading during the recent global public health issue as well. The enables fast and accurate body temperature measurement and masked individual identification during facial and palm verification at all access points, especially in hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, airports, stations, and other public areas.


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Proface-X (TD) Fingerprint Time Attendance:

Face Capacity: 30,000

Palm Capacity: 5,000

Event Photos: 10,000

Log Capacity: 1,000,000

Communication: TCP/IP , ADMS

Other function: Access Control System, Thermal detection, Mask detection.


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