Tp-Link 4G Router


1,400 EGP


Product Description

Wireless router for internet services

With our entry into the third millennium and the terrible technological advancement, the internet has become a major form of modern life and has become a life necessity that cannot be dispensed with or ignored, and with the departure of the earthly lines almost from this technological race, it has been replaced by mobile lines that matched the speed and pace of the age, and from here I looked The necessity of having another form of the Internet away from the land lines and dependent on the technology of 3G and 4G and works through mobile networks as an alternative solution for those who do not have a land line for whatever reason (the presence in new urban societies – the presence in areas away from urbanism and centrals – the unwillingness to J Installing a landline – the presence in a densely populated area, and there is no central location for adding new lines …… ..).

From here the antenna internet appeared, whose idea depends mainly on providing internet service without a land line and to be a modern alternative to the terrestrial internet by providing the antenna that in turn transmits the signal emitted by the chip in it and distributes it on the number of devices required to operate each according to his need.

Thus, in order for us to operate the aerial internet, we need to buy this device besides buying the SIM from one of the mobile service providers, choosing the appropriate package for monthly use and starting work.
Types of the antenna system:

Apart from the many brands available from this device, we must clarify the two main types of this technology:

1- Home Air Router:

It provides internet service without a land line to any number of devices present in the home, whether they are ordinary devices or Android devices portable and operating and its presence is related to the place in which it is located and within the framework of this place only without the possibility of movement in it.

2- The Portable Antenna Router:

It is distinguished from its predecessor by the ability to move it in any place and its small size, which facilitates that and does not differ from its predecessor in terms of technology and goal in anything O God, except the ability to move around and enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere.

Therefore, the antenna internet has become the modern alternative available for those who do not have a landline or for those who want to obtain standard speeds and high quality.


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